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TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL, AND GREAT MAN  / William Lemay (2nd cousin )  Read >>
TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL, AND GREAT MAN  / William Lemay (2nd cousin )
Michael although we did not really get to know each other that well, I would always hear from my grandmother, your aunt Neilie, what a terrific kid you were, and of course your Aunt Josie who simply adored you.  I saw that was true when you attended my grandmothers funeral and helped my mom, Aunt Betty, although you were only 12 you showed just what type of person you were, and as I said a year ago, if I could only be half the man you were I would be good.  Michael we have just had our third child and as planned we have named him after you.  Michael was born 04 Jan 06, and we will always make sure he knows exactly who he is named after and why.  They say lessons are often painful, how right they are, we should make sure we spend time with our family and friends as time is short and we only get to do it once.  Until we meet again, please say hi to Uncle Bob and Aunt Neilie.  Your are truely and American hero... Close
Peace and love  / Neal Rosengren (childhood friend )  Read >>
Peace and love  / Neal Rosengren (childhood friend )
It had been a while since Mike and I had talked, but he still had a great impact on my life, and it hurt just as much to hear he was gone.  But he will always be in my memory, as i'm sure he is in all of of ours.  R.I.P. Mike, we love you, we miss you. Close
Chain of comfort~  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie   Read >>
Chain of comfort~  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie

May God bring you and your family comfort to help ease the pain of the holidays!!
" The Ultimate Sacrifice"  / Bill Payne   Read >>
" The Ultimate Sacrifice"  / Bill Payne
Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your son Michael.He is truly a hero in my book for he gave all and paid all.May his memory help comfort you during this terrible ordeal.God bless you all and I will pray that God will be with you and get you through this.Semper fi marine!! Close
"MY child On the day God took you I thought that I would die I wondered where the time went? I asked alot of whys?? With people all around me I felt alone inside From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming That I'd wake and find you here, I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear. On the day that you were laid to rest My heart broke yet again, I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when?? It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, Sometimes I just sit crying, When there's really nothing wrong. I wish we'd had more time, Before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, My precious child, Close
To Our Real American Heroes  / Kaari Beville (friend of a friend )  Read >>
To Our Real American Heroes  / Kaari Beville (friend of a friend )
I was never a personal friend,but I knew of Mike. He and my cousin Jenee Beville attended school together. I just want to pay my respects to all of our young men and women who have lost their precious lives fighting a war with no purpose. How long will this continue, how many more good-byes will there be? The only peace is knowing they will be rewarded in the next life. Peace and love to the friends and family of Michael Arciola and to the other heroes in this life and the next. Kaari Close
He is a loving person and a hero to many, and me / Jason Otero (Friend)  Read >>
He is a loving person and a hero to many, and me / Jason Otero (Friend)
I just could not believe that it was him, still to this day i dont want to believe. all i think about is, he did what he always wanted, and he was proud to do so, many people is so proud of him and will always remember. i look at Michael as a roll model, im going into the Army after high school and i remember when Mike wanted to talk to me about how good the Army is, just so all can know we did not get to have that convo, i really miss him i just cant think of it being him. Michael was a leader and he will always be a hero. R.I.P my hero, me and my family will always think of the good times, and just seeing yo face. i just wish we had more memories to think about. R.I.P......... Close
Forever missed / Hector Otero (Friend-US Marine)  Read >>
Forever missed / Hector Otero (Friend-US Marine)

Mike was a great person.  He would always give 110%  effort  with everything.  He encouraged me to join the military.  Thou we went our seprate ways in the military, with him joining the Army, and me joining the Marines, we still kept in contact.  He will forever be my brother in arms.  when i got word of his death i was still in Iraq.  I could not be in the states with our friends and family honoring him but I made him a promise i would not give up in Iraq and that I will never forget what he gave for this country that he and myself fight for.  May God bless his family!  To mike and many others who died during operation iraqi freedom  SEMPER FI DO OR DIE!  HOOORAH  

Just a Moment / Nk (friend)  Read >>
Just a Moment / Nk (friend)
Can we please have a moment of silence?
For soldiers and troops away with helmets and boots
And families back home who pray they make it home safe
Hopin' that they don't get hit with a stray or missiles
This is just a moment to let you all know that we miss you
As day comes and night falls
For the rest of our life we'll miss you
And even though life must go on, we'll still mourn
While wishin' you were home
-Still hurtin Mike......
A Hero We Will Always Remember / Jessica Enright   Read >>
A Hero We Will Always Remember / Jessica Enright

Michael Arciola is one of many Brave people fighting in this war to protect us and serve his country.Unfortunately he was killed on Feb.15,2005.I didnt know him really well but I knew him and he was always nice to everyone and always put a smile on someones face.They say "When you were born you were the only one crying everyone around you was smiling, live your life so that when you die everyone else around you is crying and your the one smiling" Michael made us all proud.He did what he always wanted to do and thats be in he army and fight for his country.We always hate when someone we know, a friend,family member,loved one dies...and always think please god please let it be someone else even though it is wrong to think that, but we all do it.We even sometimes wont believe its true...even after the funeral and stuff we still think "they'll come home, this is just a bad dream"But in the sad reality we know they wont ever be coming home....we'll never see their smile again...never be able to hug them.We just have to pray and be thankful for the time we had with them and know that they are in a better place now.Michael Anthony Vincent Aricola did what he wanted to do in life...and god thought he had done enough and for his hard work and brought him to a better place.We will ALL miss you Mike rest your head now Soldier your work is done. R.I.P

My Condolences to Everyone / Whitney Brimat (Friend of Friends)  Read >>
My Condolences to Everyone / Whitney Brimat (Friend of Friends)
I didn't know Michael but I knew many people who did, and I heard so many great things about him that I was still crushed when I heard of his passing. I feel inspired by him to risk my life for this country because that is what a true hero does. My condolences go to all who lost him. His memory will always be with me. Close
God's angel / Ines M. (friend)  Read >>
God's angel / Ines M. (friend)
first off it still hasnt sink in that it's true, michael is no longer with us, and i miss him more and more each day. My heart goes out to his beautiful and caring mother who is one of the nicest people i have ever met, we met through one of michael's best friends lilly who also enlisted in the army around the same time as mike, is now in Iraq for the secod term. On July 8th 2003 the day before mike went to boot camp ( about a month beofre lilly and in different stations) me and her went to his house to say goodbye to him and that is where i met him, his mom, his brother rob, and his sister Donna. Me and mike befriended each other and wrote to each other while he was away at boot camp. i still read those letters over and over making my desbelief for him being gone even greater. Then Michael came home in the winter around the same time Lilly came home as well. me and lilly were cheerleader for Sleepy hollow high school basketball team so mike and lilly would both come along to our game and support us and i remember mike always making me laugh. Lilly and Mike were the best of friends and lilly does not know of what happened to  michael yet she will be told when she gets home. I found out of Mike's passing away over winter break and it totally caught me by surprise and totally shocked me. Till this day it still does. But i know that God only takes his most beautiful and precious angels and that is what Michael truly is!! I Love you and Miss you endlessly and to you i dedicate the song "For a moment" by Nas and Quan! Now in memorie of michael i am getting a -shirt spray painted with his picture that i will wear on every month on the date of his passing away, i am making a project in art class to be posted up in my school just about michael, and i will light a candle every single night for michael!


e's mom can read this (or anyone in the family ) that remembers me please e-mail me at ibmportugal@hotmail.com
The Fighting Arciolas / Sandra Guerfi   Read >>
The Fighting Arciolas / Sandra Guerfi
As someone who has had the privilege to be enfolded into the Arciola clan I can never truly explain the heartache I feel over their loss. The strength of this family is overwhelming. I had nicknamed them  " the fighting Arciolas " because of the pride that shined through whenever Michael's name was brought up, of their undaunted believe that what he fought for was right. Michael's courage and honor  are a legacy that will continue to shine. I thank them all for what they continue to offer others through their own time of lose. Michael is the epitome of why other young men continue to fight to secure the right of freedom no matter the consequences. Pride in one's family, one's land, one's self.   Close
My Dawg / Andrew Magsino (Friend)  Read >>
My Dawg / Andrew Magsino (Friend)
Its hard to even think that your gone. I remember the first day i met you, u were running across the room back and forth like a maniac when we were really little. You always had a love for the military and all the guns and knives stuff. I remember you had a bb gun and you use to try to shoot the squirrels. Then there were those days in CCD in Mt. Carmel. It was u me maria kev brittany paul chrissey and this kid sean that none of us knew that seemed to know alot about GOD. You and kev stay having candy in that class with those damn sour powers and souer patch kids. Then u guys put me on to the sour peaches.lol. Law class with u was maaad fun dawgs. U knew like every answer and u use tell tell me some when ms. asaro would leave the room. Good looks kid.lol. There was one time i remember when u even tried to lock ms. asaro out and we all hid in the back of the room like she didn't have the key. We acted maad dumb.lol. U were always singing my girl it was kinda funny cuz u were such a maniac that i knew would be down to scrap for anything and yet u listened to such a soft song.lol. then there was the time u got mad at me when i said dmx was falling off.lol. U did love dmx and the temptations. Were not even gonna talk about that flip mp3 u and kev downloaded. Rember the girl about the finger.lol The time when u came over my crib before u left for korea was another funny time. Damn we broke maad stuff in my room waiting for kev to hurry up and take a shower lol. Imma never forget wut u told me that night. You said that "this is what I want to do". I always thought u were brave and now the whole world knows that u were. I feel lucky to have gotten to know u and i envy those who got to spend more time with u than i did. I think about u everyday kid. I promise that i will never forget u. WE LOVE YOU! R.I.P. Close
"the blood of our heroes" / Paul Tannura   Read >>
"the blood of our heroes" / Paul Tannura
on 9-11-01 our great country and our way of life was attacked our lives were changed forever all gave some and some gave all we shall never forget "the blood of our heroes" thank you michael for the ultimate sacrifice you are a hero Close
My deepest sympathy to family and friends / Alex Naselli (Friend of friend)  Read >>
My deepest sympathy to family and friends / Alex Naselli (Friend of friend)
I never knew Mike, but have friends who went to high school with him and knew him really well.  After reading all the beautiful tributes, I see how wonderful of a person Mike was and how much he was loved by so many people.  Although, I did not know him, he is a hero in my eyes and I thank him for all that he has done.  I know what close ones are going through bc my best friend's brother died in the war in Iraq a few months ago and it has been extremely hard for everyone.  Kevin, Mike and all the men fighting for us out there are our biggest hero's and we can't thank them enough for what they do.  I send my deepest sympathy to all family and friends...Thank you for all that you have done Mike...Rest In Peace.  Close
Everyone wishes for one more day...  / Passing Through   Read >>
Everyone wishes for one more day...  / Passing Through

Last night I had a crazy dream
A wish was granted just for me
It could be for anything
I didn't ask for money
Or a mansion in Malibu
I simply wished for one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

First thing I'd do is pray for time to crawl
Then I'd unplug the telephone
And keep the tv off
I'd hold you every second
Say a million I love you's
That's what I'd do with one more day with you

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

-One More Day, Diamond Rio

To a Hero / Tera Mae Hagan (Friend of Maria)  Read >>
To a Hero / Tera Mae Hagan (Friend of Maria)
My most sincere condolences to all who were touched by Mike, and to all those who will continue to hold him in their hearts. He is a true Hero. A man among men. Keep him and his legacy alive in your memories. God Bless. Close
My deepest sympathies / Cindy Titus (I'm sorry to have never known him)  Read >>
My deepest sympathies / Cindy Titus (I'm sorry to have never known him)
My heart is heavy for your loss.  The tributes and condolences show me how much your son was loved, respected and what a fine, fine young man he was.  Though God has called him home, he did much in his life to be very proud of and he will live on in the deeds and memories of those who knew him.  For those like me he will always be a hero, and an example of what our country and our boys in the military stand for.  I know God has blessed him, and that He will be there to comfort you. Close
words of condolence / Ellen Pellino (ashley and chelsea gifford's grandmother)  Read >>
words of condolence / Ellen Pellino (ashley and chelsea gifford's grandmother)

Please except my deepest sympathies on the loss of your son.  There are no words that one can say to you to stop the pain of loss  the   you have suffered.  My two sons were in the army when the first gulf war started.  I can only thank God that they didn"t go, even though they put in to transfer.  May God bless you and watch over you, I know that Michael will be.  He is a true hero.
With much respect,
Mrs Ellen Pellino

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