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Thank you Michael and Teresa!!  / Kathy Rabago (None)  Read >>
Thank you Michael and Teresa!!  / Kathy Rabago (None)
I heard your story today in a special broadcast on Arlington Cemetary. My father fought in WW 2, I served in the Vietnam Nam era and my Son served in Iraq. I was a blessed Mom in that my Son came home. Michael, you courageously stood in for a comrad and lost your life! There is no adequate way to say Thank You to you, Michael for your service and sacrifice!! You are a very brave soldier and it because of men like you that we have a free country and a wonderful place to live!! I am so grateful to you and all the brave soldiers who protect our freedoms. Thank you so much!! Teresa, you have lost your beloved Son. I cannot imagine what you feel, how hurt you are!! Thank you for your wonderful Son who bravely protected our freedom and paid the ultimate price. I honor and respect you as a Mom who has also made the ultimate sacrifice, losing your Son. You must be so very proud of Michael and I know your heart is broken at his loss. I am so sorry for that loss!! Thank you for your sacrifice!! May God bless you and keep you!! Close
To say Thank You...  / Carolyn Perrick (none)  Read >>
To say Thank You...  / Carolyn Perrick (none)
I didnt know of you until today when I saw your story. I immediately felt the need to find a way to say thank you Michael for your selfless service. There can never be anything to fully give to you the thanks you truely deserve. I cant be fortunate enough to say I knew you. I can say with pride that I knew of you and I know your name. RIP!! Close
His spirit  / Tal Chetrit   Read >>
His spirit  / Tal Chetrit
A man dies with three possessions: His heart, his soul and his spirit. His heart stays with him. His soul goes to God. And his spirit lives on in the memories of those left behind. Michael's sacrafise and the sacrafise of Michael's family will not be forgotten. Close
Guardian Angel  / Lilly Carvalho (Friend)  Read >>
Guardian Angel  / Lilly Carvalho (Friend)
Everyday i wish i could say one last word, have one last hug, see your smile one last time but i know something that will never end, me missing you RIP Michael...I have my own guardian angel and that angel is you. You watched over me during those long and dark Iraq drives ensuring that what happened to you would not happen to me. Merry Christmas up in heaven !
Merry Christmas  / Lilly Carvalho (Friend)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Lilly Carvalho (Friend)
Michael Arciola... I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number is no longer in service. I tried the operator, she said I'm sorry, I have no number for you. You don't live in your house anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess heaven is just too far away. I love you, I miss you. You are in my heart always. ...Loved ones gone but not forgotten. Merry Christmas to all those in Heaven...Merry Christmas Michael Close
with thanks  / Rebecca Brown   Read >>
with thanks  / Rebecca Brown

Its been a long time since i saw your story on Oprah, your fear that your son and his sacrifices may be forgotten saddened me. The gratitude I feel for the sacrifices our service men and women (and their loved ones) make is ever present, I can rest knowing that i am raising my family in a wonderful country protected by brave men and women like your son.

I do not have a child in the armed forces and i have not lost a loved one to this war so i can not even begin to imgaine the fear and heartbreak that is yours, however i can tell you that your son found his way onto the hearts and minds of million Americans and remains there. As i began it has been a while since the Oprah ep[isode aired, but i have thought of you and your son often. I visited this site here today after locating Michael's resting place in Arlinton National Cemetary. I will be visiting the cemetary later this month, i do not have any friends or relatives to visit, i have visited the cemetary in the past and feel a great sense of pride and gratitude to live in in this great country. Knowing the name and story behind one soldier will allow me to be more specific with my thanks and prayers. I will be visiting Michael's resting place to offer a prayer of thanks to him and of peace to you and all of his loved ones.

I hope this message finds you well and comforted by the messages i have read while visiting this site. From my family to yours, may you enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas.


You will never be forgotten. God Bless You!  / Mary L. (Navy Mom )  Read >>
You will never be forgotten. God Bless You!  / Mary L. (Navy Mom )
Rest in Peace, ...Hero! Close
I wrote a song because of the news  / Lisa Nemzo (kindred spirit )  Read >>
I wrote a song because of the news  / Lisa Nemzo (kindred spirit )
I am trying to locate the mother of Michael Arciola if she's the one who drives to Arlington roses and read his childhood story. I saw it on Arlington A Call to Honor. I have written a song I want to send. Please email me or call me. I am a professional songwriter and was so moved by your story it poured out of me. It has many well known musicians on the recording. We finished it last night. My condolences to your family and friends. Very Sincerely Yours Lisa Nemzo 818-427-8447 Close
Heartfelt Condolences to the Arciola Family  / Linda Morical   Read >>
Heartfelt Condolences to the Arciola Family  / Linda Morical

Hello Mrs. Arciola

Like many others I saw you on the Oprah Show.  I knew that when my husband and I visited Washington DC we would most certainly visit your son's gravesite at Arlington and pay him our deepest respect and gratitude.  Our trip from Vancouver BC  to Washington  DC was momentous for me.  I specifically wanted to go to The Wall.  My family lost our beloved Marine LCPL Richard Pete Donathan USMC to the Vietnam War in augustus 1966.  All these decades later and the tears still flow freely.  He was as was your Michael a courageous young man who gave his precious life so dear to us for the love of the Corps his fellow Marines and our country.


On Saturday Mei 7th at 3:30 pm my husband took a photo of me at Michael's gravesite.  I don't know how to send it as an attachment to this note but if you email me I will certainly send it to you.


Again I extend you my deepest sympathy for the really quite unbearable loss you have experienced.





Thank you  / J. Smith   Read >>
Thank you  / J. Smith
I too am the mother of a 20 year old son. I cannot imagine what you have been going through. The pride you must feel when you think of Michael. I recorded you appearance on Oprah and watch it every few days so I will not forget his sacrifice. God Bless You and your Family. Close
Respect from australia  / Lee Johnson   Read >>
Respect from australia  / Lee Johnson

Dear Mrs Arciola

I have just watched a peice on oprah about michael and from the Johnson family back in australia we would like to send our regards to you and the arciola family He will be missed by all of america and australia he was a true soldier. Ashes to ashes dust to dust we shall remeber u like your right here with us!! R.I.P Michael

From Lee Johnson

Corduroy / Karen Galanti   Read >>
Corduroy / Karen Galanti
Dear Theresa
Like so many others I saw you on Oprah and was moved to tears. I am so sorry for your loss and hold you with love in my thoughts. Your son would be so proud of the message you have sent to millions of people reminding us to honor our military and their families. Your story brought the sacrifice so many have made to the forefront of my mind and I am so grateful for the service of your son.

I went to the library and got the book Corduroy to read to my children - ages 3 5 and 7. I sat with them on my lap read them the story and then explained to them about your son and what he did for our country. I told them that he used to love this book and that we could honor him by remembering him and all the others who gave their lives for our freedom. I just wanted you to know that your son is not forgotten. Even though I did not know him personally he is forever in my heart and mind. Thank you thank you for sharing your story and for your courage.

Karen Galanti - Bethesda MD
He is not forgotten  / A. Russo   Read >>
He is not forgotten  / A. Russo
I saw your story several months ago and immediately purchased Corduroy for my two young sons. The words "Never forget the sacrifice of SPC Michael Arciola on Februari 15 2005" are written inside. I think of your Michael every time I read this book to my sons and remember that all of our Service men and women at war are sons and daughters who grew up too fast. Your story of loss remembrance and honor has touched me deeply and Michael will never be forgotten by this mother in Virginia.  Close
I will tell my son  / Shannon Cavanagh (Oprah viewer )  Read >>
I will tell my son  / Shannon Cavanagh (Oprah viewer )

Dear Teresa

I am writing to you from Montreal Quebec to tell you how powerful your interview on Oprah was for me to see. And I wanted to tell you personally how sorry I am for the loss of your son. 

I have a 16-month old little boy called Cameron who is just starting to have an interest in stories. I plan on buying Michael's favorite book "Corduroy" for him and will think of you when I read it to him. 

Just maybe next time you are in Arlington and have the book with you you will have a moment of peace knowing you are not alone and someone out there is thinking of you.


Shannon Cavanagh

Thank you, Michael  / Sadie Wheeler (appreciative citizen )  Read >>
Thank you, Michael  / Sadie Wheeler (appreciative citizen )

I watched the piece on Oprah yesterday and have not stopped thinking of you and your beautiful son since.  As a mother of two boys about the same age I can't even begin to understand the pain you carry in your heart everyday as a result of his loss. "Corduroy" was a favorite of my boys too and I am now reading it to the grandchildren.  I will never again read that book without thinking of Michael and the ultimate sacrifice he gave for me my family and this whole nation.  I have just bought several copies of the book "Corduroy" and will be donating them to local shelters and preschool in his name.

From mother to mother I will keep you in my prayers.  Mei you find comfort in Michael's memory and in knowing he and his comrades will not be forgotten.

Thank you Theresa for sharing Michael with us all  / Colleen Dennis (fellow American )  Read >>
Thank you Theresa for sharing Michael with us all  / Colleen Dennis (fellow American )

Dear Theresa - Thank you so much for sharing your story on Oprah this evening.  I was moved beyond measure when you allowed us to visit Michael with you.  Thank you so much.  What moved me the most was your comment "If people don't remember it's like they didn't exist."  I for one will remember.  Thank you for the gentle reminder.  I will share it from here on out.  Our neighborhood said goodbye last summer to a young soldier and a surrounding community will bid farewell to another young soldier this weekend.  We visit the Middle East Conflict Memorial Wall every Juni and I will now add Michael's name located on panel 1 row 49 to my list to search out and etch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Daughter of a retired Navy Senior Chief Wife of a retired Navy Chief Mother of a (former) Marine

God Bless Colleen

so sorry for your loss Teresa , thank you Michael  / Leatrice Garcia   Read >>
so sorry for your loss Teresa , thank you Michael  / Leatrice Garcia
Dear Teresa I was so moved by your story on Oprah today.  I know how very proud of Michael you must be and how difficult it is for you now that he is gone such a handsome young man!  As the oldest daughter of a Marine who served in Korea and Vietnam I experienced first hand the sacrifices made by my Father and my Mother and the other military families.  My prayers and thoughts are with you.  Corduroy is one of my favorite books also and I shall think of your Son now when I read it to my grandchildren. Sincerely Lea Close
Thank you for helping our country remember  / Connie Whiting (mom of an army medic )  Read >>
Thank you for helping our country remember  / Connie Whiting (mom of an army medic )
Teressa- My son came home from Taji Iraq with far less trauma than many. He's a medic now in training to be a nurse at Walter Reed. Our country needs to be aware that this war is real. God bless you and your family and thank you for allowing your loss of your precious son to help others.- connie Close
Thank you Teresa  / Robbie McCormc   Read >>
Thank you Teresa  / Robbie McCormc

Dear Teresa

I saw your story on Oprah today.  It was a repeat but I missed it the first time.  I lost a son too - different circumstances different age different year - but that doesn't really matter does it?  He will always be my son just as Michael will always be yours.  In your heart your loved one lives and always will..................... I thank Michael for serving for me and I thank you for keeping him alive.


Heartfelt Gratitude  / Danny &. Frances Hager (none)  Read >>
Heartfelt Gratitude  / Danny &. Frances Hager (none)
Teresa Being the father and mother of two grown boys and having three precious grandsons of our own (ages 3 to 16) helps us empathize that much more with you. After the show went off we were compelled to see if there was a site for Michael on the computer and write something encouraging and prayerfully comforting to you. Words can't express our gratitude to all our young servicemen... especially those courageous young men like Michael who gave their lives for their country. Assuredly...we will keep you and your family close to our hearts in love and in prayer. <3 Close
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